Spaghetti Romances 


~ Box Set 1~

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Meet the Tortellanis, a crazy, magical family! They’ll make you laugh, cry, and eat! Get all three of the books from the Spaghetti Romances Series in one fabulous collection! 


The Witch, The Weeds, and The Were


After twelve years of running from her life, Jackie Tortellani finds herself sent back home by order of Baba Yagadagiveagirlabreak, aka, Cousin Carol. Ordered to help Daniel Ridgeback do Goddess only knows what, Jackie comes face-to-face with the man she hoped never to see again, the man whose mere presence makes her hips wiggle uncontrollably, the very same man she once loved enough to give up all her magic.                   


Forsaking her magical gifts did not make Jackie more powerful. Oh, contraire. A dozen years of avoiding the stuff makes a witch somewhat incompetent and horticulturally dangerous. 


Throw in a guilt-inducing mom, an overly-demonstratively loving dad, two Italian grandmothers, and a set of in-laws who didn’t exactly love her twelve years ago, and you can bet Jackie has no intention of coming home for another twelve years.


Can she possibly survive a weekend with the family?  


Secrets, Lies, and Meatballs


The meatball knows. 


That’s what everyone keeps saying. But how is it possible for a hunk of meat that’s been simmering in ancient spaghetti sauce for thirty-three years to know anything, never mind who Lena Tortellani is supposed to marry? 


She won’t do it. They can’t make her do it. No matter how good that gravy smells or how powerful the matchmaker is, this witch is not eating that meatball. 


But when someone steals the mate-ball to Lena’s meatball, the lid is blown off a pot of family secrets kept hidden for some fifty years. And the only way to save the people she loves most is for Lena to eat the magic meatball or risk losing her family forever. 


Hexes and Exes


Is it too much to ask that a woman be allowed to focus on her work? Who says she has to fall in love? 


Roma Amoretto knows she is in for a long day when her lying, cheating, no good ex-boyfriend shows up at her apothecary unannounced, uninvited, and unwanted. When he proclaims they need each other, she doesn’t even think about controlling her anger. She should have known she’d suffer some form of retribution for letting a mini tornado suck Ralph Tortellani into another plane. But she could never have seen the catastrophe of unwelcome visitors who would set her life on a completely different course.


By the time the entire Tortellani family arrives with magic, meatballs, and mania there’s no stopping the crazy train. The beautiful young scientist’s life goes from perfect order to the chaos of unbridled romance with the pull of one hairpin. 



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