Beatrice & The Shifter


Is there such thing as too much foreplay? Beatrice has spent the last year mercilessly flirting with her sexy neighbor. When the opportunity to take their encounters to the next step, there’s only one thing that stands in their way. Can reality ruin the fantasy?

Welcome to Seductions. Step into the most popular bar in New England and enter a world where Others live side-by-side with unsuspecting humans. At Seductions the drinks are always tasty, the romance is always hot, and the patrons aren’t always human.

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Beatrice frowned, though she quite enjoyed Derek’s teasing which made it a struggle to keep from smiling. Placing her hands on the seat beside her legs, she tilted her chin up in a sign that she would not be beaten.

“You know, you haven’t guessed what I am either.” Not that she would tell him he couldn’t touch her until he guessed, but she liked to think she could keep him on his toes, too.

Derek leaned in, closing the space between them and inhaled deeply, closing his dark brown eyes for a moment. When he looked at her again, lust filled those eyes, and the smile that played across his face told her she was challenging a man who could easily defeat her.

“You are all human.” His voice dropped a bit, and the deep whisper itself nearly made Beatrice come. “All woman with needs and wants. And I can fulfill every last one of them.”