Tess & The Demon


Thanks to him, Tessa Harper’s heart is shattered. Cracked into a million little pieces. She might be bitter. But what woman who woke up to find a note giving her the heave-hoe wouldn’t be hurt and angry and humiliated?

With time hearts heal, and one moves on and forgets. Well, maybe she doesn’t forget, but she moves on, or maybe she doesn’t do that either.

The point is she doesn’t practice slinging zingers at him for four months only to be tongue-tied when he returns and professes his literally undying love. Will she once again fall for the demon who ripped her heart to shreds?

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Drake was like a drug. Tess had a dependency. An obsession. A complete inability to stop her body’s automatic response to him. The thought of that very fact drove her nuts.

“You are a disease.” She wiggled forward in her seat, shaking his hand off her back before picking up her drink and sipping it with more gusto than she should. But she needed something to keep her mind off the way he made her feel when they were alone. “That’s what you are. A disease.”

“Thankfully, there is no cure.” Drake tapped the shoulder of the man sitting beside Tess. The unaware human glanced up at the six-foot, five-inch display of masculine perfection and sneered. “What do you want?”

Tess shook her head and sipped her drink. Poor fool.

Drake leaned over and whispered one single word, and even if it was only a word, when a demon whispered, things happened, and it wasn’t always sexy. “Move.”

The deep gravelly tone sounded as though it came from the very depths of hell. Tess knew without looking that Drake’s face held the look of death. His eyes fading to black, lips pulled back to expose more teeth than necessary.

He certainly had ways of making things happen.

The man practically fell off the barstool, scrambling to get away.

“Thank you, friend.” Drake straddled the seat, reaching between his legs to pull it closer, until he was able to sit with Tess wedged between his thighs.

“I said don’t.” She stared straight ahead, refusing to look his way. She couldn’t risk it. Having been unable to conjure her safe place, she knew looking at him was entirely too dangerous.