Delia & The Werewolf


A woman of her word, Delia Montgomery has never backed down from a challenge. But if there was ever a time when she wished she’d read the fine print, now is it.

After agreeing to a friendly wager with her sexy rival, he reveals the competition is simply drinks at Seductions.

She’d be a liar if she denied being worried. How could she possibly resist his advances in a place where drinks flow freely and passion pumps with the beat of the music?

Welcome to Seductions. Step into the most popular bar in New England and enter a world where Others live side-by-side with unsuspecting humans. At Seductions the drinks are always tasty, the romance is always hot, and the patrons aren’t always human.

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Luke was playing Delia for a fool. He was using her. She’d nearly fallen into his trap. The realization that she was too obvious hit her. She was doing a terrible job of hiding her exhaustion and stress.

He probably sensed it the way a wolf sensed a lame animal. She was his prey and he was stalking her, had been since that very first meeting, and here, in a weakened state with a couple of drinks added to the mix she nearly caved to his tricks.

“There’s no need to leave the bottle,” Delia snapped.

“Leave it.” Luke stared at the waitress. 

“Yes, sir.” After placing fresh glasses on the table as well as a small bucket of ice, the waitress served them both drinks and cleared away the old glasses. She stepped back and closed the curtain once again.

Delia turned to Luke, glaring. “Just who do you—”

He shoved the tiny table off to the side and lunged forward, pushing Delia back against the leather. “Shut up. For the love of God, woman, just relax.” His lips came to hers in a searing hot kiss, and her mind tumbled into an abyss.