Choices. Anarchy. Hypocrisy.


The High Commandeer of The Federation visits, but it’s not a social call. In three short nights Eva’s blog has managed to outrage several masters who demand the elimination of Eva Prim Writes. Can Eva possibly turn this situation around and prove her blog holds an important place in vampire society?

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At times The High Commander has all the grandeur of a king. From his attendance at vampire formalities to his suits and love for the old traditions. “I have come in the hopes of averting several battles that I fear may escalate into all-out international war.”

“We are most certainly at The Federation’s service in these matters,” Stefan quickly responds. “What happenings are bringing these concerns forward?”

“I’m afraid it’s Chryssie’s blog again.” THC closes his briefcase and places the file on top, nimbly releasing the leather strap.

Stefan’s attention hones in on me, and I don’t have to be looking at him to know his fangs have lengthened and he’s clenching his jaw.

Right away I recognize printouts from the blog. Each posting with all its accompanying comments are clipped together into three separate packets. Bright yellow marker highlights several, if not all the comments on the first page.

Stefan places a crystal goblet on the table. “O negative, as you requested.” He sits beside me, and, sliding his arm around my shoulders, sips from his own glass.

THC nods and takes a couple swallows. “Very good.” He shuffles the packets, rearranging the order. “Chryssie, it seems your blog has three different regional masters upset.”

“Hey, vampiredom isn’t always pleasant. Everyone knows that.” I jab my straw up and down in the glass to try to loosen up the ice cubes to get the last few drops of tea.