The Vampire Hand Guide: Tips, Myths & Advice


Are you considering becoming a vampire? Are you wondering if certain myths are true? Are you a vampire trying to get by in today’s society?

You have questions. Eva Prim has answers. This nifty guide provides a little something for everyone. Take a peek and find the answers to all your questions.

Finally, a vampire hand guide for the new adult, old adult, and every type of vampire in between!

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The Pluses of Being a Vampire

Sleeping like the dead.

I hear humans complain about not getting a good night’s sleep all the time. Vampires never have this problem. When we fall asleep, it’s a dead sleep, and no vacuum, screaming baby, ringing phone, or barking dog is waking us up.

Now, if your only reason for becoming a vampire is sleep deprivation, I’m going to have to caution you. That truly is a stupid reason to make the change. With all the drugs on the market you should be able to knock yourself out. Or you could try what I think is a better idea—get your fat lazy ass up off the couch and do some physical work.

You never heard people complain about insomnia when I was human. Living was physically demanding. We were exhausted at bedtime. Try doing something physically arduous. You’ll sleep after that, you whining nutjob.