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Name That Book Contest


Today is May 1st and I’m very excited to announce the title of the first Eva Prim Novel and the winners of the Name That Book Contest.

Book One is now titled: The Demon Mistress

This title was suggested by someone who hadn’t wanted to win therefore the winner of the contest is the participant with the most points.

The first place winner is Danielle, who tweeted her way to fame!

The runner up is Carmen R.

Thank you so much ladies and congratulations. I’ll be emailing you shortly with details.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest. It was a lot of fun getting to know people and hearing everyone’s suggestions.

I hope you’ll all stay connected as I have a more exciting events planned for the coming months. Jordan



What to do. What to do! WHAT TO DO!!


Okay. Here’s the thing. The titles that got the most votes were my original suggestions and quite frankly they’re not very good titles, at least not for Eva’s first book. One of the caveats to this contest was that I had to like the title. And I still don’t like one of my own enough to use it! 

 You all know I can’t go with a bad title, especially if it’s one of my own because then who do I blame? (I might have just channeled Eva in that last comment!) 

There were several much better titles. Much, much better. 

 So…I’ve added one more round of voting for the contest and this time I’ve selected the top four possibilities. 


Fanged and Dangerous

The Demon Mistress

Prim Intentions

Raising Hell


One of these titles was suggested by someone who has asked not to be acknowledged in the book. Therefore, if that title wins, the person who votes in this final round and has the most overall points will receive acknowledgment in the book for all the support s/he has shown, plus the prize pack and an e- ARC. The second runner up will receive and e- ARC. 

Remember, winners don’t receive any monetary reward now or in the future. (Just a reminder!)

This final round of voting will be open until 11:59 PM, Monday, April 29, 2013.

 Let the voting begin!

Just add your vote by commenting below or tweet or Facebook it! :)


Help me Name That Book!


Get credit for it—in writing.

The first Eva Prim Novel is set to release in October, but it needs a name.  I’m turning to my (and Eva’s) friends for a little help. The winner will be named in the acknowledgements section of the book and receive an ARC. :)

The contest runs April 1st to April 26th.

The winner and the title will be announced on May 1st.

There are several ways to earn points. In order for your entry to count you must cast a vote in the comment section below. Then to increase your chances of winning you can tweet it, Facebook it and Pin It. You have the opportunity to earn even more points by connecting with me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Goodreads and following Eva on Twitter.

Tweet about the contest up to 10 times a day. Facebook it once a day. Pin it once.

Here’s a tweet idea: #NameThatBookContest- Help @jordankrose name her book about @evaprim and win an ARC & acknowledgement in the book!

Be sure to use the contest hashtag when tweeting- #NameThatBookContest

Voting! Voting! Voting!

To vote pick one of the three title options below:

The Demon Caller

The Demon Master Rises

An Unintended Master


Write in your own idea

Throughout the coming weeks Eva and I will tweet little facts about Eva, the other characters, her world and some interesting tidbits about the book to get you thinking. So this means—you can change your answer! I know that sounds crazy, but if you learn more about her and you come up with a title you like better, I want to hear it.

So… picking a winner. Hmm, how’s that going to work? If an overwhelming number of votes come in for any one title, that’s the title I’ll go with (provided it’s not a suggestion that’s obscene or something I absolutely hate. It is my contest and my book. It’s a requirement that I like the title.). Of that group, the contestant with the most points will be declared the winner. Your last vote cast is the one that will count. In the case of a tie, the person who’s birthday falls closest to Eva’s, October 3, 1812, will win. The runner up will also receive an ARC. The contest is open to international participants. (Winners will not receive any monetary reward/payment and are not entitled to any payment from book sales.)

A very important rule: no characters written by Jordan K. Rose are permitted to participate in this contest. This means you Eva Prim!

Questions? Anyone? Anyone other than Eva? No?

Then, let’s get this party started!

 Here’s a blurb about the book to get your creative juices flowing (which will also make Eva quite interested in you):

What’s a girl to do when she discovers her husband, who happens to be the Master Vampire for the New England Region, has been lying to her for, oh, say a hundred and eighty years?

 Well, it all depends. If she’s accidentally released forty demons from some creepy old book, unintentionally announced the existence of vampires on The Internet, kidnapped a werewolf, enraged a lovesick vampire by stealing his approved mate, and attracted the attention of The High Commander for The Vampire Federation, not to mention gotten stoned and mastered the forbidden art of demon calling, she might be willing to call it even.

Or, she might plead her case at an Inquisition and hope like all hell, she isn’t staked before sunrise. Eh, a slightly busier night than usual, but nothing Eva Prim can’t handle.

April 8th Update!  

Here’s the list of suggested titles after the first week of the contest. Some great ideas! Below the list you’ll find a little bit more info about Eva and her story to help get your creative process rocking! Keep adding those titles.

Whom the Demons call
Demons made me do it
Raising hell
An unintended master
The Demon Book
Demon Caller
The Lady and The Demon
Unintended Master
The Devil in the Details
Demons in the Details
The Demon Master Rises
A Demon Scorned
The Devil To Pay
The Devil Went Down
The Devil In The Details
The Devil, You Say?
A Devil Of A Time
Raise a Little Hell
Hell Hath No Fury
Arise, Demon Mistress
When a lonely and somewhat obsessive, slightly compulsive, incredibly tenderhearted, and totally opinionated vampire discovers the Internet, she manages to find what she’d always wanted—friends. Eva Prim makes her first real friends by starting her own blog where she shares tips and advice for vampires and debunks myths that have forced her kind to remain hidden for centuries. Her plan is to prove she can have a positive impact without requiring the influence of her husband, the New England Region’s Master Vampire.
Of course, even the best-laid plans can go awry.
April 14th Update.
So many more suggestions! Thank you all so much for your help. Putting this out to you all was probably the best idea I’ve had in years! :)
Here’s this week’s list of suggestions:

Raising Hell
Demons in My View
One for the Vamp
One for the Demon
Demons 101
Demons Come Calling
Demons Come A’ Calling
Putting Out The FireWalls
Hell’s Belles
The Unexpected Demon Caller
The Unexpected Demon Summoner
The Accidental Summoner
Raising Hell
Cashing In Bad Luck
Accidently Raising Hell
The Demon Master Rises
Hell’s Mistress
The Demon Master Rises
Prim Intentions
The Lady and The Demon
The Vampire and her Demons.
Best-Laid Plans
Best-Laid Plans of a Demon Caller
Wreaking Havoc
Vampire Wrath


Remember to share your idea on Twitter and Facebook so you can drum up some support! Here’s a tweet suggestion:

Help me win! Come vote for my entry in the #NameThatBookContest. @EvaPrim @JordanKRose

(Don’t forget to include your entry in your tweet.)

This week’s snippet about Eva’s story is here:

In an effort to comfort his lonely wife Stefan, The Master Vampire of The New England Territory, allows two runaway demons to stay with Eva. Little does he realize, Eva possesses the unnatural skill of Demon Calling. Not only are demons drawn to her, but they’ll do whatever she commands.

And her devoted demons let slip a well-guarded secret about Stefan that could destroy his nearly two hundred year long marriage.

April 21st Update

I just have to say, you guys are way better at this than I am. I’ll have to remember this contest for future books.

Here’s the list of suggestions from the past week:

Vampire Vengeance
Eva’s Chaos
Demon Dumbstruck
Suck It Up
Immortal Intentions
Super UnNatural Possession
The Forbidden Love of Demons
Raise A Little Hell

Thank you to everyone who’s been tweeting and sharing on Facebook. Here’s another tweet idea:

Hurry! The #NameThatBookContest ends this week. Vote for my entry at @EvaPrim @JordanKRose 

(Remember to include your entry in your tweet.)

Don’t forget you can earn more points by liking the Eva Prim board on Pinterest, liking the Eva Prim Page on Facebook or the Jordan K. Rose Page on Facebook and by connecting with me on Goodreads.

Good luck to everyone who’s participating!

This week’s snippet is:

With new knowledge that her marriage was not built on trust Eva turns to her friends, the  misfit demons and several people she’s “met” via cyberspace. When she realizes one of her Internet friends, Goldenrae, is being stalked by the ruthless vampire, Cletus, who is not only wanted by The Vampire Federation but has publically challenged Eva’s husband for control of The New England Territory, she springs into action.

Eva and her demons manage to “save” Goldenrae and along the way meet three more cyberspace friends in person, but celebrating is not in the cards for this group. Not when The Federation mistakes you for someone else and places a bounty on your head.

Oh, and what about that forbidden skill of demon calling? Then there’s the marital issue she’s got to work out as well as figuring out how to manage a new fledgling, which she was expressly forbidden from having, on top of that she has to convince The Federation that all her friends came along willingly on this adventure and she had nothing to do with any kidnapping. Plus she still hasn’t eradicated the region of Cletus.

And on top of all that when everyone realizes who she really is, The Federation will demand she be staked at sunrise.

Not that again! The more things change, the more they stay the same.

April 26, 2013 6:53 AM, EST

We’re down to the last 17 hours and 12 minutes.

Here are this week’s added suggestions.

Raise A Little Hell
A Devil Of A Time
Super UnNatural Possession
Immortal Intentions to
Immor(t)al Intentions ~ Cyd envisions the book cover with the ‘t’ in brackets as an upside down cross ~ play on those intentions being both immortal and immoral…

Fanged and Dangerous
Fangs for the Memories
Fangs of New York
All Fanged Up… with Nowhere to Go
My Fangs or Yours
Immortal Invocation
To Invoke The Demon
Demon Reaper
CyberVamp:Caller of Demons

Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! 

Tweet suggestion:

Its the final hours of the #NameThatBookContest. Hurry! Go Vote! You cant win if you don’t play. @EvaPrim @JordanKRose


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105 Responses to Name That Book Contest

  1. Carin W

    I like The Unintended Master myself. Carin

  2. Kat Duncan

    Hm…this gets me thinking…if Eva’s a female, shouldn’t it be Demon Mistress and not Demon Master? Gotta get my thinking cap on, just a moment….okay. Here’s my entry: Arise, Demon Mistress

  3. Nancy Ann Gazo

    How about -

    Hell Hath No Fury

    for a title?

  4. Nancy Ann Gazo

    Or -

    Raise a Little Hell

  5. Nancy Ann Gazo

    Maybe –


    • jkradmin

      Hi Nancy. Thanks so much for all the great ideas! You’re very creative and I love it! Jordan

  6. Nancy Ann Gazo

    Thanks! Wait, there’s also -

    The Devil To Pay
    The Devil Went Down
    The Devil In The Details
    The Devil, You Say?


    A Devil Of A Time

    (Funny thing. When I write, I have the most difficulty with a title – but for someone else, the ideas flow. Go figure.)
    Maybe a few more later…

    • jkradmin

      Yes, I think I’m more helpful to others than myself when it comes to titles, too.

    • Aria Glazki

      I am right in the middle of trying to decide on a title for my own book and can’t, but I do like “The Devil in the Details” (or maybe “Demons in the Details”?) better than the original three, personally..

      • jkradmin

        Hi Aria. Thanks for the suggestions. I appreciate the input! Good luck with your own title. As you can see I completely understand you challenge! :) Jordan

  7. Velvet Hubler

    I like The Unintended Master and a suggestion is A Demon Scorned

  8. Regina May Ross

    I like the sound of “The Demon Master Rises”

  9. Agnes Jayne

    Hmm…this is tough, because titles sell the book. Without reading it, I like the Unintended Master, but it has a very S&M feel to it. What about something simple like The Lady and the Demon? If it’s Eva’s book, you might consider giving her a little space in the title. Just a thought, good luck!

    • jkradmin

      Hi Agnes. Several people have commented that the use of Master does sound like it might be erotica, which is definitely is not. Thanks for your suggestion.

  10. Sadaf

    I am absolutely horrible at titles, my own stories will tell you that. But i dont think the 3 premade titles you have given us would go with a book like this, so i think I wanna go with The Lady and The Demon. Thanks!

  11. Sadaf

    Or maybe, umm, Raising Hell? I dunno..

    • jkradmin

      Thanks Sadaf. Yes, none of the three I’ve suggested really do it for me either. Thanks for your suggestions.

  12. Nikki Hayes

    I like Demon Caller – I wouldn’t use a title with “Master” in it unless its a BDSM-themed romance, lol, its the first thing I thought when I saw the other two titles. A suggestion of mine would be The Demon Book but I might change my mind when I hear more of the synopsis ;o)

    • jkradmin

      Hi Nikki. Thanks for the tip. It’s definitely not a BDSM book! Talk about disappointing a reader if they were looking for that! It’s a humorous vampire romance so I can already see someone hurling their kindle across the room when they realized they weren’t getting erotica!

      The Demon Book is actually a book in the book that gets referred to several times. I’ll be sure to add that fact up above.

  13. Dianne

    I like An Unintended Master. :-)

  14. Veronica Park

    I’m going to have to go with, “When a Demon Calls.”

  15. Vanessa

    An unintended master

  16. Addict's Book Nook

    Whom the Demons call
    Demons made me do it ;)

    • jkradmin

      Hi. Thanks for these. I love the idea that the suggestions you’ve made sort of take the blame off Eva, who would love to not be blamed for anything that happens, though all holy hell seems to break loose around her!

  17. Addict's Book Nook

    and Raising hell is good too.

  18. Megan

    I like raising hell
    Or maybe Demons in my view . Something like that

    • jkradmin

      Hi Megan. Thanks for voting and for the suggestion. :)

    • Danielle

      Demons in my view is already a book title ^_^ A 14 year old girl wrote it. It’s actually very good!!

      • jkradmin

        Thanks for the update Danielle. I will have to do some research on titles before picking a winner.

  19. Crystal

    If this is gonna be a series why not start with say….
    One for the Vamp or
    One for the Demon or

    ……. Hmmmmm or

    Demons 101

    • jkradmin

      Hi Crystal. Good idea. I was trying to figure out if there was going to be a way to tie all the titles together and decided not to make myself crazier than I was already going with just one title!

  20. Danielle

    I vote…. Demons Come Calling

  21. Danielle

    Or a different version like Demons Come A’Calling ^_^ Because its awesome so ..yes!!

  22. jkradmin

    Thanks to everyone who’s made suggestions to date. These are some great ideas! I don’t know why I didn’t think of asking you all sooner! :)

  23. Nancy Ann Gazo

    Oh, forgot to suggest

    Putting Out The FireWalls

    Hell’s Belles


    • jkradmin

      Hi Nancy. Thanks for these. The FireWalls ties to the fact that Eva wreaks a ton of havoc via the internet. Very clever.

  24. Nancy Ann Gazo

    Probably last one -


  25. Anna

    The Unexpected Demon Caller
    The Unexpected Demon Summoner
    The Accidental Summoner/Summoning
    Accidently Raising Hell
    Cashing In Bad Luck … lol I dunno.. Listening to Fun and thought I’d throw some lyrics in here.

    • jkradmin

      Thanks Anna! I love that you’re getting inspiration from Fun. I listen to them on the treadmill. But honestly, they don’t make that any more fun!

      Accidental would be a good tie, expect I don’t want to use that word as Angie Fox has that awesome series The Accidental Demon Slayer. So you and I are on the same page, but we need to find another word!

  26. Danielle

    Oo I do like Accidently Raising Hell..but I guess I am bias and still like Demons Come Calling, lol!!

  27. Tracie

    I like The Demon Master Rises

    • jkradmin

      Thanks Tracie. You don’t think this one sounds to ominous? This might be the only one that doesn’t sound erotic, though…

  28. Brandi

    Hell’s Mistress is my write-in or Unintended Mistress.

  29. bn100

    The Demon Master Rises

    • jkradmin

      Thanks for voting. Of my three originals this one (I think) gives the least expectation of a BDSM book.

  30. Kristen R Kennedy

    My submission is “Prim Intentions”, like good intentions – at least she thought so.

    • jkradmin

      Hi Kristen. Thanks for this play on her name. And you’re right. She absolutely thought so. But as we know the road to hell was paved with good intentions!

  31. ZiLlahRaven

    I like The Lady and The Demon.
    Or how about The Vampire and her Demons.

  32. ZsuZsa Simandy



    of a Demon Caller

  33. ZsuZsa Simandy





    • jkradmin

      Hi ZsuZsu. Thanks for your suggestions. I appreciate you working on this! It was great to see you yesterday. :)

      • ZsuZsa Simandy

        You, too, Jordan! And, thanks for listening.

        One more title: VAMPIRE VENGEANCE

        I’d e-mailed it to you, too.

        Good luck choosing the best! You have some great choices here. :)

  34. Jennifer Megan Varnadore

    I like a little play on “Pandora’s Box” myself. She released demonic chaos from a book, right? Eva’s Chaos. Idk. Anything playing on that kind of title would be nice.

    • jkradmin

      Ah, Great suggestion Jennifer. That is exactly what Eva does- release demonic chaos. Although, just about everything she does creates some amount of chaos- with or without demons involved! :)

  35. Diabolically Demonic


    Demon Dumbstruck


  36. Cindi Clubbs

    Suck It Up

  37. Cyd Fredericks

    Hello! I think there are some wonderfully creative titles suggested above; I’m going to choose my own and suggest:

    Immortal Intentions

    I am particularly drawn to titles that are somewhat ambiguous, and so far as I have read, it is unclear if some of these characters’ intentions are for the greater good or have some malicious intent as motivation ;)
    I am also fond of alliteration, or alliterative formulas, as the case my be…I think I’m in need of more caffeine this morning!
    Happy choosing!

    • jkradmin

      Thanks Cyd. Whether you need coffee or not that was a very creative title and explanation. Thanks! Jordan

  38. Carmen R

    How about SuperUNnatural Possession

    The Unnatural possession part being based on Eva’s unnatural skill of calling demons. With her calling demons and them doing her bidding is almost a reverse as in she is possessing the demons.

  39. Denea

    I bit for Carmen R.’s suggestion of “SuperUNnatural Possession”

  40. Monique

    How about The Forbidden love of demons

  41. Catherine Chant

    I’m partial to “Raise a Little Hell” because Eva sounds spunky. :-)

    • jkradmin

      Hi Catherine. Eva’s spunky, all right! Thanks for participating. :)

  42. Darlene Wagener

    Demon caller

  43. Jennifer

    Title of choice : Super UnNatural Possession

  44. Kate

    I have to admit that I love the title someone else suggested “Demons in the Details”
    IT sounds fun and a bit quirky – quite like how the book sounds from the extract posted.

    “Raise a Little Hell” also feels like it’d fit from what I’ve read of that extract.

    Good luck choosing a title! And Congratulations on the book being published!

    • jkradmin

      Hi Kate. Thanks so much for stopping by. I agree. Those are 2 good suggestions. :) Jordan

  45. Melyssa Beerens

    The Demon Master Rises

  46. Hildie McQueen

    I love all the ideas! I like “Raising Hell” and “A Devil of a Time” But there are so many good ones!!

  47. Cyd Fredericks

    Hi Jordan,

    Thank you for your feedback from my original post :)

    I think I want to amend my original title suggestion from Immortal Intentions to
    Immor(t)al Intentions ~ I am envisioning the book cover with the ‘t’ in brackets as an upside down cross ~ play on those intentions being both immortal and immoral…


    • jkradmin

      You’re welcome and thanks for the new suggestion. Very clever.

  48. KD

    Fanged and Dangerous
    Fangs for the Memories
    Fangs of New York
    All Fanged Up… with Nowhere to Go
    My Fangs or Yours

  49. L.A.Matthies

    Hi Jordan,
    This contest was a terrific idea! I was playing around with these thoughts:
    Immortal Invocation
    To Invoke The Demon
    Demon Reaper
    And just for kicks, CyberVamp:Caller of Demons
    Wishing You success! Best, Linda

    • jkradmin

      Thanks for participating Linda. Great suggestions! Best to you as well. Jordan

  50. Danielle

    Lets go Demons Come Calling!! <3

  51. Anna

    Dodgy Dealings with the Demonic

  52. Carmen R

    For the final round I vote for….. Raising Hell

  53. jkradmin

    A vote for Prim Intentions from Joanne Dursin came in via Facebook.

  54. Catherine Chant

    I like Raising Hell.

  55. jkradmin

    He, he, hee. I know who the winner is. He, hee, heee. Big announcements tomorrow!

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