Ovarian Cancer Awareness
Ovarian Cancer Awareness

Announcing the newest Central City Novella!

The Vampire's Prophecy - Novella 6 - by Jordan K. Rose

Loneliness can cause a man to make stupid decisions, like walking straight into an obvious trap. But after weeks of internet chats, sexy text messages, and sweet phone calls with the lovely woman posing as bait, Gabriele Barone has no choice but to see this thing through to the end even if that means giving up his freedom to save her.

Hunger, frustration, and watching her father’s agony over what happened twenty years ago in Panthera Laboratories has driven Aurelia Pontes to drastic steps. Against her father’s wishes and in absolute secrecy she joins forces with the owner of the laboratory to capture a third generation vampire for experiments that will reverse vampirism and lift the black cloud over Central City.

Falling in love with the enemy may be a bad decision, but joining forces with a man so powerful he drove the city into ruins will change Aurelia’s life forever. Vampires aren’t the only specimen Panthera likes to use in experiments. Pretty, unknowing women work well, too.

Can Gabe save the life of the woman he loves, or will she become another of Panthera’s forgotten victims?

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